I’m going to “Florida”

I’m going to “Florida”

next week on may 8 I’m going to Florida. My whole family is going to florida.

were going to rent 2 big houses for the week. With big pools in the backyard with a net around so at night bugs won’t go in. We’re going to  Disney about every day about the weWe’re. My family is going to take half of the plane size. We’re going to drive to buffalo In 4:00 and the take a airplane at buffalo it’s going to my cousin’s first airplane ride so he’s really excited. The plane ride is going to take 2 hours so I’m really excited

I’m going to “Florida”

10 dream jobs


1 being a hockey goalie

2. Being a hockey player

3. Being a ice cream flavor tester

4. being the primeinister

5. Being a video game tester

6. Being an astronaut

7.  Being a mattress tester

8.  Being a lawyer

9. Being a doctor

10. Being an sports man player

1. I would like to meet Carey Price from the montreal canadiens i would like to ask when he started playing hockey

2. I would like to meet MACKLEMORE i would ask him when did you start rapping

3. I would like to meet the person who invented chocolate i would ask him how he thought of it

4. I would like  to meet Obama I would ask him how it feels to president of the U.S.A

5. I would like to meet Steven Harper I would ask him if its feels good to be the prime minister

6. I would like to meet drake and ask him how it feels to be one of the famous rappers in the world

7.  I would like to meet Michael Jackson and ask him how it feels to be the top pop star in the world

8. I would like to meet notch markues the creator and ask him how he thought of it

9. I would like to meet Nik wallenda and when he started going on tight ropes

10. I would like to meet Felix baumgartner and how it felt falling from space.


Case files.

Case files is a book you wanna read. every murder is solved by science. Even though it might of taken months or years they tried. at least they solves the murder some people couldn’t solve it. so after all case files is book that you want to read.


my fourth faviourite subject is science im passionate about the mars landing i hope the curiosity finds interesting things on mars it takes a long time to get there and back it takes two years to get there and back no human could go on mars and nasa did builed the curiosity.